how is it different from traditional marketing? 

what is social media marketing? 

Social Media Marketing starts with "social" - the building of community and the development of brand engagement in new and unique ways. We believe in tying social media marketing not only to your digital and print advertising, but also to incorporate it in with your customer experience management program for added bang for the buck!

 We begin with the discovery phase. What does your online presence currently look like? How do you compare to your top competitors online? Starting with this information with continual reporting not only gives us a firm foundation to begin but it also helps us down the road with proven lead generation for your brand. 

 Next we develop a strategy for you in terms of which social media outlets best fit your brand and message. 

Organize and promote through a variety of methods. We keep you up to date with the most recent advancements of each social media network; some of which change weekly! 

 Last but not least we provide you with detailed analytics with proven ROI.