Step 1: Discovery 

Monitoring your social media sites will reveal: 

  • Your demographics 
  • If your recent campaign is popular 
  • Who are your influencers 
  • Appropriate ways to engage with customers and knowing when not to engage
  • Brand Perception 
  • Key influencers
  • Employee Misconduct 
  • Searching for fake news and even misrepresentation of your brand or company name


We focus on conversations that matter. What is the volume of the conversation? Analyze owned and earned media. We access 100% of tweets through Twitter, over 10 social networks, 150 million websites, print and tv/radio data and 30,000 brand logos using image recognition technology. With our analytical technology you will lead the discussion on trends that matter to your audience. Each week you will receive a report listing all online mentions of your company, brand, locations, or competitors depending on your program parameters. 

don't need full social media management?  


First we want to get the full picture of your brand and discover who you are online. Putting together a complete Social Media Analysis on your company allows us to see your story. 

Next we will pair you with one of our highly trained Specialist who will go into more detail with what was discovered and your vision. What are your objectives, goals, what do you want promoted, what needs work, etc. 

Once we have a complete understanding of your needs we begin our process.  

Social Media Monitoring is the monitoring of social media outlets for information about a company or brand. Different tools are utilized to facilitate the monitoring of a variety of social media outlets such as blogs, forums, networking sites, etc. 

our services 


social media 

social media  

Unlock real-time psychographic information from millions of social consumers to understand more about an audience, including what they want, love, need, and buy.

Tap into shopper insights and deliver real-time psychographic data to zero in on your targeted consumers. We learn more about them and dig deeper than most agencies because of two things; multiple software platforms and our team of social media specialists. For the last 10 years we have conducted scans for clients across all industries.

What can social media research tell you?
What is the buzz around new products in the marketplace
What customers hate/love about your competitor's services or products
Most loved and discussed products by geography
Identify key influencers on the web that can advance your services offerings
Customer segmentation

Enhance your campaign by knowing social audience preferences piece by piece.

Acquire a clear understanding of customer needs before a product or campaign launch.

Inspire your audience by speaking their language. Social data will show you how. 

At this point your Specialist knows what's important to your social audience. We will monitor and maintain your social media content. They will identify what's most engaging to your audience, trends, customer service, online impressions, social media crisis levels, negative conversations, key influencers and measure online growth.  

Our four software platforms sift through millions of social media sites, forums, blogs and trends. Your Specialist then sweeps through the data compiled to make sure we are acquiring your objectives and goals. The personal touch is key.. 

Step 2: Maintenance 

choose what you need 

Step 3: Analytics 

3 easy steps towards your story 

Social Media Research - The analysis of social media data to understand consumer behavior, identify trends in the market and lead generation that leads to customer acquisition. Because of the enormous amounts of social media data that is available to us today, we sift through data around a subject of interest and provide insights in almost real time.  Like other research, this allows our clients to directly target their ad campaigns to the right audience for increased ROI.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - A technique that targets social networks and applications which promotes brand and product awareness. ​Social Media Marketing campaigns usually center around: Establishing a social media presence on major platforms.

social media 


social media