Can you use Social Media for Market Research? 


You sure can; however it is not meant to replace other research methods. It is more of an enhancement. Traditional market research methods take time to plan, execute and see results. Social Media Research can deliver actionable insights in a matter of days from start to finish. in 2011 Nielson reported 80% of people with Internet access utilize social media. 


The unstructured data of social media in mass quantities allows the marketer to unleash trends that are not based on answers to survey questions. Run a scan over time to see if changes occur and why. Interact with your customers and those of your competitors in a unique way.


Our pricing structure allows you to use us on an as needed basis. Pricing starts at $250.00 and up depending on the scope of the study and the amount of results generated from the scan. The result will be a scrubbed amount of data along with key analytical reports that includes demographics when available that includes gender, sex, occupation and interests of your customers.

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