We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and social media story so they can be successful. We will oversee your online reputation, reinforce your current customer feedback program, track conversations surrounding your company, brand and products, gain competitive intelligence, learn more about your customers and increase online traffic. 

Marianne Hynd

VP of Operations

Debbie Salerno

Sr. Social Media Specialist 

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Kathy DoerinG

President & CEO 

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Those days of hiring someone to sit and monitor your social media sites are long gone. Once your business grows exponentially, it's down right difficult, almost impossible, to keep up with online demand. Responding to your customer's through social media sites is imperative. Meaningful connections with loyal customers and new fans is essential. Utilizing an elevated social media service will expose and magnify what your customers are wanting and needing.  

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the combination of our services makes for one sweet social media story.  

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The Wealth of Analytics You'll Acquire 

So many businesses have access to a wealth of analytical reports and end up under utilizing them. Our Analytical reports are pulled from our four software platforms. That's double the data then other social media companies. Why do we do so much? We believe strongly in what the numbers tell us about your business. It tells your social media story. Who's talking about you, What are they saying about your latest campaign, are you trending online,  have you increased brand popularity, what are your employees saying, your competitors doing, your highest demographic etc. Enriching you with analytical reports is the key to unlocking your story. 

Amanda Brown 

Business Development Manager  

Let's face the facts, social media is here to stay. It grows in popularity daily. It has it's own culture. Own identity. It's ever changing. Don't you want a company who specializes in an ever changing online culture? You have a business to run. Let us do what we do best for you. Aligning your brands vision with our social media platform will strengthen your social media capabilities with ease allowing your business to thrive. 

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Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.  

Ann Michaels & Associates launched social media management services back in 2007, when social media was just on the horizon. Back then, we noticed that review sites were gaining popularity; we wondered if our existing clients who use our other customer experience measurement tools were aware of their online reiews. Listening to our clients concerns, ideas flew from our work pages and we developed our story. A full-fledged social media management program, which encompasses social media management packages that incorporate social media monitoring, along with social media marketing, to help clients become familiar with all aspects of social media and capture the data necessary to fully utilize social media in their marketing efforts.