"Using social media monitoring helps us to quickly identify
any problems or issues.  This service opens the opportunity 
for us to quickly address any issues and to also identify any 
training opportunities.  I would recommend Ann Michaels and 
Associates for this service.  As with all services they offer, the
information is timely and very detailed.  The information 
provided is very helpful for improving our service results. "
- Chicago Bank Client since 2009 


what is your social media story? 

social Media Monitoring

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our services are more comprehensive than free services. 

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Social Media Research

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Who wants a free social media marketing program that restricts you from telling your full story! We believe in partnering with our clients and wouldn't have it any other way. We get to know your story and we build on that for a unique Social Media Program. No two brands are the same; even if they are in the same industry. Their message is different and unique. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning and developing a Social Media Marketing Program. 

Most traditional social media marketing software platforms can pull data in on your brand mentions across the web. However, they are not as thorough as we would like. We dig deeper into the web for a variety of subjects and keywords to deliver exclusive insights to you, our client. By doing this we uncover key influencers, employee misconduct, fake news and even misrepresentation of you brand or company name. 

​​Using data from our multiple social media software platforms, we mine social media on a variety of topics. These insights deliver additional, actionable insights based on your industry. 

did you know?

there are 1.86 billion monthly active facebook users. 

Photo uploads total 300 million per day.

You can't deny it. these numbers are staggering and have an impact on your business. 


FREE OF CHARGE. We conduct deep web investigations for the benefit and safety of any child. This includes:Cyber Bullying, Online Predators, Missing Children and Suicide Prevention. 
Please Don't Hesitate To Reach Out. 


Proud Sponsor of the SMRA ​

online child safety 

Consolidate your social media strategy and merge social with all other forms of marketing and advertising.

 It's all about finding the right audience, content, medium and timing for your brand. 

Social Media Marketing Society Member

We monitor your brand for corporate responsibility, customer service and marketing performance. We then benchmark against your competitors. Always keeping your social media strategy and objectives in mind. 

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