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"Using social media monitoring helps us to quickly identify
any problems or issues.  This service opens the opportunity 
for us to quickly address any issues and to also identify any 
training opportunities.  I would recommend Ann Michaels and 
Associates for this service.  As with all services they offer, the
information is timely and very detailed.  The information 
provided is very helpful for improving our service results. "

- Chicago Bank Client; customer since 2009

Ann Michaels & Associates: Social Media Management Services     

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Blogs. Periscope. Every day, people are interacting and sharing information online at a staggering pace. This is great news for businesses –  your customers are likely talking about YOU somewhere in the social media landscape. Social media monitoring gives companies insight into their customers like never before. If only you could keep track of where they are talking and what they are saying. 


Sounds difficult, right? It can be, but it doesn't have to be. Data gleaned from social media monitoring services can give you the information you need, with very little work on your part. We have listened to our customers and created a program that will:


  • Monitor online conversations about your brand
  • Streamline the process of gathering information on online conversations, with easy to read weekly reports
  • Engage with your customers and potential customers
  • Assist in building fan/friend bases to create a greater word of mouth
  • Monitor your brand's online reputation through data collection & analysis
  • Easily integrate social media with your current marketing strategies for maximum benefit

We make it easy to manage your social media initiatives. Click here to learn more about our services.

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